The goal of The Public Management Transformation Department is to train leaders in the public and private sectors in Mexico and Latin America, to create wellbeing and foster the transfer of knowledge, creating solutions to the most-pressing public problems.



The goal of the Tecnológico de Monterrey Regional Development Institute (IDR, in Spanish) is to carry out diagnostics and studies and to develop regional applications, as well as to foster and develop industrial sectors and clusters in the push to design and implement public policies that influence regional and national economic development.

It is made up of several Consulting and Extension Centers, a Regional Development Research Group, and a Strategic Technology Observatory for Regional Economic Development.

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The Strategic Technology Observatory is a way to access the most-relevant information to identify business opportunities and their contexts. It also fosters business innovation and has a research spirit so that each user can search for information in line with his or her interests.

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It trains leaders from the public and private sectors in Mexico and Latin America to create wellbeing and foster the creation and transfer of knowledge to find solutions to the most-pressing public issues.


Our country faces challenges in reaching balanced development, boosting citizen participation, and strengthening democracy and transparency among government officials, which forces us to shape a new class of public servants and leaders committed to the development of their communities.   

Los programas de Educación Ejecutiva de la Escuela de Gobierno y Transformación Pública promueven la reflexión y el análisis de problemas contemporáneos locales y globales para fomentar una visión global con enfoque local y decisiones estratégicas innovadoras.

We develop a comprehensive vision of the challenges and characteristics of contemporary urban development, to understand key factors in the planning and management of Mexican cities and to be able to act effectively to fix problems and tap into opportunities related to the urban growth projected for the next few decades.

We promote the analysis of public policies and economic development strategies by strengthening regional competencies and complementarities within the knowledge economy. Our Executive Education programs foster the development of a long-term vision to identify opportunities for development from the local to the regional level through public innovation processes.

New public administration in Mexico requires entrepreneurs as public servants, people with a strategic outlook that identifies and translates the challenges of local, state, and federal development into innovative public policies with a participatory vision.

Executive Education with an innovative, entrepreneurial approach for the public sector in the three branches of government.

Our Executive Education programs foster in-depth reflection and public-policy design to face challenges in Mexico, such as: strengthening our democracy; reaching a balanced, inclusive economic growth; and having an efficient, transparent public-administration system.

The implementation of comprehensive strategies for prevention and safety in our country requires a comprehensive vision of the security problems in our communities. Our Executive Education programs foster an in-depth analysis of the problem from a comprehensive perspective, to present more-effective public policies that foster citizen participation, transparency, and commitment.