Admissions Process


  1. Undergraduate GPA of 80 or equivalent.
  2. Have an undergraduate degree or be in the process of getting one.
  3. Fill out the online application: (print and sign it).


You must also turn in:


Application for Admission



Original Birth Certificate *



College grades certificate or original transcript (you can turn in a list of grades provisionally) *



Legalized copy of both sides of the college diploma



Copy of your professional license



Copy of your CURP



Copy of your official ID



Curriculum Vitae



4 black-and-white 2.5cm x 3cm photographs  



Proof of payment to take the exam



* To take the exam, you can hand in a copy. Eventually, to move ahead with the admissions process and signing up for classes, we need the original document.

  • Minimum score: 550 for master; 650 for PhD
  • The exam is made up of five basic areas: Verbal reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Cognitive Ability, Writing, and English.
  • Study Workshop (optional):
    • It helps the student prepare for the exam.
    • It offers tools and tips to respond better and faster to the test questions.
    • It identifies the different types of exercises and the practical way to answer them.

* The workshop does not help fill gaps in knowledge or study in-depth concepts and does not guarantee that the student will pass.

Important points:

  • The test scores are valid for two years. If you do not get the required score, you must wait approximately four to six weeks to ask to take it again.
  • The admissions exam is applied on the campuses and Schools where the graduate programs are offered.
  • There are deadlines to ask for admission to the graduate programs, so you should program your exam accordingly.
  • Applicants in other countries where the PAEP is not given can take instead the GRE or the GMAT.
  • Evaluation of the applicant’s academic and professional profile
  • * By appointment.
  • The decision by the graduate Admissions Committee is not subject to appeal, and it is private and confidential, so the Tecnológico de Monterrey School of Government and Public Transformation does not have to give its reasons for admitting or rejecting a candidate.

Once you have been admitted, you can ask for a scholarship through the Scholarship Committee or ask for some financial support.

We offer the following types of financial support:

  • A one-week preparation course that reinforces writing and math knowledge and skills.
  • * You must pass it to be admitted.
  • Choose your schedule and pay for your classes.
  • Attend the welcome event for new students.

Registro a la Prueba de Admisión a Estudios de Posgrado