Mtra. Betzabet Zerecero Contreras

It is not easy to be an innovative leader in favor of public transformation. It requires a passionate personality committed to improving the situation, as well as a high level of preparation, with pioneering knowledge and discipline in professional training. The Tecnológico de Monterrey School of Government and Public Transformation (EGobiernoyTP) is pleased to introduce Betzabet Zerecero, who has stood out in seeking in solutions to the most-pressing public issues since she has been working in public administration. Betzabet Zerecero Contreras has a law degree from the Tecnológico de Monterrey and a master in Public Administration and Public Policy (MAP-2010) from the School of Government and Public Administration. She is currently working on her doctorate in Public Administration at the National Public Administration Institute (INAP). She has been a legislative advisor in the Chamber of Deputies and has worked as Network Operations Coordinator for the presidential campaign of Actuary Ernesto Codero Arroyo, from the National Action Party. Committed to the public transformation that our country needs, Betzabet was a candidate for Federal Deputy in the June 7 mid-term elections.

How did you decide to run for office?

Since I started studying law, I realized how important it is to take part in the process of creating and modifying our country’s laws, so I worked in the Chamber of Deputies. When I was there, I decided to become a key player in the legislative process to help create laws that really tend to the needs of the people and that try to solve the problems of everyday life. Once I had finished my master, I was clearer about the need for people in public positions with a professional background, with knowledge about the social reality, who can create initiatives geared toward solving problems in their communities. It is always important to have the professional ethics and social responsibility that go along with being elected, where citizens place their trust in you to represent them and act as their spokesperson. That’s why, with all the things Atizapán needs, I decided to run for the Federal Chamber of Deputies and come to transform the social reality around me, improving public schools, creating educational and employment opportunities for young people, protecting the rights of older adults, and fighting against violence toward women, corruption, and insecurity.

How has the master degree from the School of Government helped you in your professional career?

With the knowledge I gained from the master, I have been able to identify the problems with the public policies implemented in our country and to propose improvements that could have a positive direct effect on citizens, especially by trying to get the programs and support implemented so that they stop just being assistance and become real, comprehensive opportunities for change. Meanwhile, thanks to the master, I understood how important it was to analyze and approve the Federal Spending Budget every year, to identify the projects that will continue to be allotted public funds. I understood that distribution of funds should be done according to the regions and needs of our country, and I understood the importance of checking and auditing the resources. As a professional, I have used this knowledge, because it is precisely these activities that I have carried out in my career since I was a member of the Surveillance and Auditing Commission of the Federation and Budget and the Public Accounts Commission. If you would like to tell us about your professional experience, get in touch and tell us about it.