Student Life

At the Tecnológico de Monterrey, you are the most important thing. Student life is an essential part of the experience when you sign up for one of our graduate programs.

The School of Government Graduate programs are based on an up-to-date, cutting-edge, innovative educational model that seeks to apply immediately the knowledge acquired and to offer networking opportunities.

It is in the strengthening of personal relationships where student life is essential for reaching the goals of our community. That is why the experience of studying at the Tec de Monterrey includes activities beyond the classroom.

The School of Government was founded in 2003, driven by the need to transform the social, political, and economic environment, to develop solutions to the most-pressing public problems.

Our goal is to train citizens committed to transforming their economic, political, social, and cultural surroundings, always keeping sustainability in mind.

We hope to contribute to the sustainable development of the community with innovative models and systems that improve its educational, social, economic, and political aspects and that foster the creation and transfer of knowledge, best practices, and consulting. We know that today there are transformative leaders working with the government to offer wellbeing to communities. These leaders include public servants and social innovators, public entrepreneurs, businesspeople, media, civil-society organizations, and others.

We are a place that opens its doors to all these actors, so that they can work together and be part of this transformation that Mexico is undergoing toward another path. Our School has campuses in Monterrey and in the Santa Fe area of Mexico City.


At the Tecnológico de Monterrey, we hope to contribute to comprehensive training, developing your physical skills, offering you support with specialized staff and adequate facilities where you can exercise.

We also organize different activities, such as taking classes, signing up for tournaments, or being part of the many school sports teams.

The institute’s sports facilities can be used at any time by the students, with no extra requirements, and with extended hours that allow you to train and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can find more information here:


The activities we promote help the institute comply with its mission to offer comprehensive training to our students and allow us to foster the appreciation for and practice of cultural, social, and artistic values. 


The Cultural Activities department offers several options for students from different majors to participate, train, spend time together, and learn about different artistic and cultural disciplines without leaving campus. For more information: 






Tecnológico de Monterrey students come together to undertake activities that contribute to their integral formation, to the development of their community, to fostering appreciation of cultural, historical and social values, as well as to increase their sense of identity and appreciation For his alma mater.

At Campus Santa Fe there are 19 student groups that allow you to achieve your personal and professional goals, supporting you with diverse spaces where you feel the satisfaction of being a leader, you learn to work as a team and you develop different values, attitudes and skills that we promote within our projects.

These groups carry out different activities, such as: symposiums, international congresses, conferences, update weeks, seminars, competitions and workshops among others. The student groups are supported with Tecnológico de Monterrey resources, as well as donations and sponsorships of companies that share the objectives of the events they organize.


All students can belong to an association, as well as forming their own student group, always seeking to comply with the Institute's mission and statutes. You can find more information here: