Dr. Edmundo Molina Pérez
Professor and investigator

He has a PhD in Systems Analysis, and Public Policy from the Pardee RAND Graduate School. He has been a public-policy assistant at RAND Corporation. His master is in Engineering and Public Policy Analysis from the Technological University of Delft, in the Netherlands, and he has degree in Civil Engineering from the UNAM. He has worked as a planning analyst for the Bank of Mexico, and at Deloitte Consulting he was a technology analyst. He was also a research assistant at the UNAM Engineering Institute. His research is centered on the study of renewable-energy technologies and public-policy technology analysis. His interests include climate change, sustainability, technological transitions, numeric modeling methods, exploratory analysis and technology change, and economic growth.  

PhD in Systems Analysis and Public Policy, Pardee RAND Graduate School

Master in Public Policy Analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School

Master in Systems Engineering and Public Policy Analysis, Technische Universiteit Delft

Degree in Civil Engineering, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Forecasting Analysis under Profound Conditions of Uncertainty

2015. Managing Water Quality in the Face of Uncertainty: A Robust Decision Making Demonstration for EPA's National Water Program.

2015. Robust Decision-Making in the Water Sector: A Strategy for Implementing Lima's Long-Term Water Resources Master Plan.

2014. Developing Robust Strategies for Climate Change and Other Risks: A Water Utility Framework.

Mathematical Models and Numeric Simulation

2014. A System Dynamics Model for Analyzing the International Diffusion of Emerging Climate Change Mitigation Technologies.

2013. Dynamics of the Transition Towards Alternative Fuel Vehicles in Advanced and Emerging Markets.

Technology Change and Technology Policy

2014. The International Diffusion of Climate Change Mitigation Technologies: Challenges for Policy Coordination Under Conditions of Deep Uncertainty.

2013. Expediting Future Technologies for Enhancing Transportation System Performance.

2013. The Industrial Base for Carbon Dioxide Storage: Status and Prospects.